Friday, March 9, 2012

Old Window project

This old window has been a slow process, not knowing what I
was going to do with it, still not finished but getting there!!

Medium Paint projects

Texas barn wood bench

Started out with plain barn wood bench, painted red, white and blue
paint from craft store, tried to paint a white star but not successful so I
decided to just add rustic star and a white cut out star. Stained over it and
put a matted clear sealer.

Crackling project

Start out with plain barn wood bench. Painted base coat with acrylic paint from craft store, let dry completely then added elmers glue brushed on pretty thick let it sit for about 5 minutes, then brushed on top coat of paint one direction pretty thick and wa-laa!!! It worked!!!

Rusting Project

got this recipe from
1 part white vinegar
1 part peroxide and salt
keep out of reach of children and pets
Let set for 24 hours. I will post pics of results later.
Wish me luck...

It's raining! "Time for crafting."

I have been crafting up a storm! My husband had my bonus room redone after Christmas so now I have a great space for my crafts!!! Will post pics!  Still need to organize more going to get some shelves to put all my accessories on to clear my tables....

We are going to have a booth at a Sami Show in Belton, TX with our store products and some crafts I have done, pray it is a success!!!!